Fuel Injection Specialists
Engine Components

Whether you are in need of glow plugs, lift pumps, engine sensors and filter systems, we have a good stock of products to supply your diesel part needs:
• Glow plugs, controllers and
• Lift pumps
• Vacuum pumps
• FICM - Fuel Injector
Control Module
• IDM - Injector Drive Module
• IPR valves

• ICP Sensors
  • EGR valves
• Pressure regulators
• Injector wire harness
• Valve cover gaskets
• Fuel filter/water separators
and filters - Stanadyne Fuel
Manager and Racor


Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additives


Stanadyne Performance Formula
• Centane Boost
• Wax dispersant/
pour point depressant

  • Cleans and lubricates

Stanadyne Lubricity Formula
• Extra concentrated lubricant

Stanadyne diesel fuel additives offer superior lubrication and cleaners to prevent premature wear.

We stock one-shot treatments up to 20L pails for your bulk treatments.

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